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Splice Soundpack

Listen to Joudour Sahara’s collaboration with major music platform splice.com

Sounds of the Drâa Valley
Splice Recordings

Composer, professor, and musician Susie Ibarra and field recordist Jake Landau visited Joudour Sahara in October 2021 to record traditional musicians for the acclaimed international music platform splice.com.

The soundpack was released on February 25, 2022, and features more than 50 musicians from the Southern Draa Valley

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The Draa Valley is filled with a deep magical well of beautiful culture. We are so excited to be able to share their amazing sounds

Susie Ibarra, composer, percussionist, sound artist, and producer

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Dive into the Splice blog and find out more about this project.

Learn more about the sounds features on the soundpack, hear firsthand from select musicians featured, and understand how cultural preservation and the promotion of local identity is central to this project

Written by Joudour Sahara co-founder Thomas Duncan

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