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What We Believe

Joudour Sahara comprises a diverse local and international team dedicated to creating positive change at the grassroots level in southeastern Morocco, across Morocco, across North Africa, and throughout the world

Our approaches are driven completely by local needs as identified by local community members, whether they be our young music students, farmers, community elders, or anyone who shares aligning goals

Scroll down to meet our team members and learn how you can participate in the change

Meet our team of local and international specialists dedicated to making positive change

Halim Sbai

Director & Co-Founder

Halim has more than 20 years experience as a cultural, environmental, and tourism leader in Morocco. He cofounded the acclaimed music festival Taragalte, and acted as director from 2009 – 2018. He also cofounded the trans-Saharan Cultural Caravan of Peace to build solidarity among Moroccan, Malian, and Mauritanian populations

Aicha Zahaf

Traditional Music Coordinator

Aicha is from M’hamid El Ghizlane and been practicing traditional music and dance from the Chamra and Guedra customs for most of her life. She joined the Joudour Sahara team in 2018, after participating herself in Joudour Sahara activities since 2016. Along with Safae Radouani, Aicha also oversees gender development programming

Safae Radouani


In addition to administrative responsibilities, Safae’s presence on the Joudour Sahara team, as well as Aicha’s, have allowed us to greatly expand girls’ participation in cultural and social arenas in M’hamid El Ghizlane. Safae also helps produce content for Joudour Sahara

Aziza Chaouni

Architect & Co-Founder

An award-winning Moroccan architect, professor, and cultural and environmental activist, Aziza has designed the innovative Joudour Sahara Music School facilities currently under construction. Aziza has engaged international experts to support this project

Wanda Hebly

Environmentalist & Co-Founder

Wanda has been working with Halim in the region since 2005, planting trees and piloting anti-desertification techniques, including the innovative Groasis Waterboxx. She is helping to lead the agriculture and environmental aspects of Joudour Sahara, along with Halim, Aziza, and Habib

Rachid Berazougui

Modern Music Coordinator

Rachid is the lead guitarist for the band Daraa Tribes, and has recorded several studio productions and toured internationally, including across Europe and Canada

Thomas Duncan

Development Specialist & Co-Founder

Thomas is the Director of Program Development for the American INGO Playing For Change Foundation, and has been working in community, youth, and cultural development in southeastern Morocco since 2013

Habib Mounir

Environmental Coordinator

Habib is the land manager of the pilot farm where we are piloting permaculture and anti-desertification approaches. Habib has helped turn a previously barren plot of land into a thriving green space


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Our international partners

Playing For Change Foundation

Playing For Change Foundation is an American INGO and founding partner of Joudour Sahara. PFCF supports 15 music programs across 11 countries. A Polar Music Prize laureate, in 2020 PFCF organized the 'Peace Through Music: A Global Event for Social Justice' virtual concert in partnership with the United Nations

Sahara Roots Foundation

Based in The Netherlands, Sahara Roots Foundation has been leading environmental initiatives in collaboration with Joudour Sahara director Halim Sbai since 2005. A founding partner, SRF identity and environmental philosophy are embedded into Joudour Sahara's identity and philosophy. 'Joudour Sahara' in fact means 'Saharan Roots', named after SRF.

Aziza Chaouni Projects

Aziza Chaouni Projects is an award winning architectural firm who takes on projects of which often combine architectural innovation and cultural activism. Led by renowned architect Aziza Chaouni, ACP has designed the Joudour Sahara Music School, a state-of-the-art cultural campus in the initial stages of construction.

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